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Story Brand: Books To Read Before You Die

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Story Brand by Donald Miller might be the single-most essential read for new business developers and marketers alike. I would go as far as to say that this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of what makes us effective brand ambassadors, personally and professionally.

I’m sure you’re wondering what could make this book so worthy of praise, and I’ll tell you. Story Brand makes the unbelievably daunting task of deciding where you’re going and why simple. It’s right on the cover, Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen.

What I love about this book is how Miller challenges the idea most modern-day startups get stuck on; so few people are genuinely thinking about their customer over themselves. I often catch myself trying to go in a direction that will make me like my company, even at the expense of potential clients. For me, I want to see what I want to see; it’s easy to forget why you’re doing this whole business thing in the first place. After reading Story Brand, I now have a voice in the back of my head, reminding me that the customer is the hero, not me.

The pace is predictably simple and easy to understand, very on-brand with its message. Miller goes through the seven elements of great storytelling that help you wrap your head around your mission. For your customers to believe your story, you have to believe it yourself; simplicity is key.

There are online resources, and Miller did a great job of tailoring the book towards all facets of business as well as all stages. It’s rare you come across such a comprehensive work that can sum up such a vital message in a relatively short time.

Simply said, get the audiobook, paperback, hardcover, it doesn’t matter. Story Brand is more than worth the investment if you want to be understood in this noisy world of ours.

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